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Prepare a To-do list/Planner when working from home

What is a 'To-do list' exactly?
It is nothing but an index of tasks to be finished on the following day, organized in order of priority. Similar to a planner which is the same thing. Working remotely advises you to keep track of your daily activities. Self-tracking helps you understand when you are more productive and where you are wasting your time. Creating a to-do list would efficiently keep track of your improvement. You are then able to complete more crucial tasks in your precise, productive hours.

You can design the list as per your choice. The critical tasks should be treated as the highest priorities and worked on at the earliest. Along the way check the complete goal off the list, indicating that you are making progress.  This keeps your focus intact, thereby improving your knowledge and making the work seem doable. Allowing you to look forward to accomplishing the rest of the duties. Similarly, a planner or a calendar is an accountability tool, used to keep track of meetings, deadlines, and appointments. Remembering your office chores won't need your entire attention. Prioritizing and scheduling your work can assist you in achieving the best results.                                  

  • Write or type in your To-do list & a planner/calendar because keeping track of multiple details may be difficult.
  • Create it systematically so that it is easy to understand.
  • Share the planner with your coworkers to notify them of the time you have blocked out on the calendar for official work.
  • Working from home requires holding yourself accountable for every minute of your assigned.d work.

    A to-do list and a planner are crucial for positive reinforcement, both for work and non-work activities.

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